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Got questions? We have the answers!

Does the charger come together with the battery?

No, you have to buy the charger separately.

Can i connect the 12v batteries in series to form a 48v battery?

Yes, you can connect up to 4x 12V liFePO4 batteries, or 2x 24v in series to make a 48v battery pack. Note: 12v 50ah batteries can only be wired in parallel and cannot be connected in series.

Can i return the battery if my system does not support it?

We gladly accept returns within 30 days of receipt for most items in new condition. If an item is new, unused, and in the original packaging, we are happy to accept a return up to 30 days from the original invoice date with no restocking fee

Why LiFePO4 and not regular li-ion?

LiFePO4 batteries have a much higher cycle life of 3000+ cycles compared to 600 cycles to other li-ion batteries. Another big advantage is safety as there is no risk of explosion or fire.

Does the bms have a balancing function?

Yes, the BMS does have a balancing function and it will keep the cells balanced.

Why does the voltage drop from 14.4v to 13.6v when i stop charging it?

13.6v is the resting voltage of Lithium cells. The battery at 13.6v is still 100% charged. It is totally normal.

Does it have a Bluetooth conncection?

We also sell batteries with Bluetooth connectivity. Please check our products.

Can the battery handle high start-up current rush for older machines and devices?

Yes, it does handle high current for 3s. Please check the specifications for each battery to check the high in-rush current supported.

What kind of cells are inside your batteries?

Our batteries are built with Grade A prismatic cells. That makes the failure rate much lower than the batteries built with cylindrical cells, because we use fewer, but larger cells.

Can we use your 36v 50Ah battery to power our boat trolling motor?

Yes, it can be used for powering trolling motors. Check the specifications of our battery and the power output of your trolling motor.

I would like to replace my lead acid battery with your lithium iron phosphate battery in my vehicle. I want to use it for starting up my vehicle. Can it be used that way?

No, our batteries are not meant to start up the vehicle. The current is too high so the BMS will cut it off to protect the battery.


Our Team is here for you 24/7


Our Team is here for you 24/7